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(1) No video or audio `streaming' of audio production is the commercial product of this site. Programs of audio-visual works are offered legally, and in many cases, commercially, under and conditions, from this site only, ed as standalone software for use under with a personal computer (PC), reproducing - unless stated otherwise - sound recordings which have been encoded in 96kHZ; 24-bit; 440kbps format. Programs must be activated on line. The `Society of Shaved Apes' is `chuffed', if you pay the few pence asked for herein, for access to genuine recordings and materials from source, accounted for and showing respect to all in agreement with this little registered trade. Reduction of piracy(damage) avoids excessive cost to a purchaser. Your browser's `back arrow' may be used any time to return to your last `point of information'. Any project delays are notified on the `Messages' noticeboard.

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Registered in the UK as `Exploding Gnomes Productions'.

A small record company (multi-media) set up to commercially exploit with permission and without promoting religion or unwanted associations, copyright works created and owned by Peter James Trapani, on-going; and to further assist in minimising and exposing more obviously, organised criminal piracy involving unlawful and derogatory use of said works. The site makes available, hi-def audio and visual elements for use with Personal Computers (P.C.s). The programs may work with some other devices.

A record(ing) can consist of one or many copyright works, e.g. photographs, audio recordings, video recordings, literary copyright (script and-or narrative) and music scores (the melodies used). A copyright work can involve one or many performers.

The language of text(literary copyright) of this site and that text made available through any programs offered through this site, is `English'(British language). No translations have at this time, been authorised, even into American English, which has more of the letter `z' in it, to replace `s'.

Sound reproduction is `virtualised' and so replayed from memory. Unless stated, commercial downloaded programs do not require additional multi-media player software when run on PCs, in order to reproduce the sound, other than the licensed operating system specified where the minimum hardware specification is `met' by the user's system. If in doubt, ask a friend to try a program and compare specifications.

No format files are offered or utilised through this site or registered trade, either standalone or embedded in any `machine code' through any program available through this site.

Information about criminal and illegal salesmen and publishers, so-say advertising the copyright works herein, and doing without permission in order to draw attention to their own businesses and publications, is welcome on-going through the Contact page. So is information about any unlawful exploitation of this registered trade, including any unauthorised compiling of `apps' distributed via the Internet by any other firm, emulating the functions of - and containing all or part of the information from - this page.

Any use of performers herein for promotional purposes, relates to contractual agreements in place.

The registered trade has no business or trading connection with the American-based, so-called `winky gnomes' (quote). It is standalone.

Exploding Gnomes Productions (production of multi-media records, whether paper-based records, sound and-or visual recordings or otherwise) was started in a cardboard box in 2003, then stalled by criminals.

Information about unlawful app(lication)s providing the links available on this page, is welcome, on-going, e.g. if located in cyberspace or provided via a third party business or `trade', hobbyist, charity, lobby group, criminal network or anyone else using anything herein to draw attention to their own activities, which could risk or actually cause `damage' to this registered trade or to those behind it at any time; or further cause damage to any third party business with whom the registered trade has entered an agreement.

Exploding Gnomesí is NOT a charity even if deciding to occasionally donate to one. More...


About copyrights relating to this web site and associated registered trade.

Permission was gained by the registered trade behind this site, to utilise some musician and actor images in specific ways. All copyright works utilised through this web site are protected under copyright law. The works are reproduced in part or in whole with the permissions of the owners, in accordance with the Copyright Design and Patents Act. All rights reserved. Any complaints need directing to the relevant authority. `Works' include sound recordings, film recordings, photographs, literary copyright works (including lyrics) and registered and / or archived/recorded designs and music scores/melodies. Photographic works are from analogue negatives. No digital cameras are used as a general rule, for ease of copyright administration/storage of weights of evidence.

Infringement of copyright works can include public performance or unauthorised duplication and broadcast of any music scores or lyrics, or unauthorised copying of any images, photographs, literary textual work and designs/devices, including registered or even non-registered trademarks.

No music scores(copyright music / melodies) or literary copyright -text - is in any way free to distribute, unless otherwise specified. Many people confuse ideas with copyright and copyright works. Ideas and `works' are not the same. The latter is subject to protection under the provisions of at least the Copyright Design and Patents Act 1988.

This registered trade is currently independent from the so-called wider `mainstream' recording industry and accessible in agreement with a private network of associates. No permissions have been provided by for wider use of any materials herein, beyond what is offered herein, either for Internet and-or audio/television broadcast or artistic review by companies of the kind which previously went ahead without permission in the U.S. to promote other intellectual property owners assigned to internationally distributing television corporations, through reference to intellectual property in publication and print at least.




For any Program from this site which you intend to domestically use:

1. Find the row of buttons beneath the product description. Click on the first button in the row - - and read the agreement. Agree to abide to the terms else don't proceed. You will be asked to agree once you operate the Program. You may wish to also double-check the compatibility of your hardware device, in case it differs from the generic specification. If there is a difference, then it's specified through the button in the row of buttons beneath the product description.

2. Select and `grab' the `locked' Program using the button. Select to `Save' your copy of the Program, to your personal computer system and-or compatible device.

You may copy as `backup', the ZIP(ped) non-activated Program and store it in a 2nd directory if you wish. Unless any updated versions of the Program have been offered and are sought, then retaining the downloaded ZIPped Program will prevent any need to download that version again, e.g. in the event that you accidentally delete it from your hard drive, before or after activation, and then find you need to activate on-line again.

To avoid any download `hold ups' which potentially could emerge into the future, depending on what happens to the system in place and how much `Internet traffic' there is at any time, there's nothing physically preventing the copying of a downloaded ZIP(ped) ***non-activated Program***. However, if copying the non-activated Program to someone else, there's also no guarantee of that copy being the `genuine article' or the most recent version of the Program. The current version of any given program offered through the site, is made available through the site. It is recommended that download is via the site itself, unless you trust entirely, a friend who has downloaded a non-activated copy of the program you want, already, via this same site.

Any new version of any program offered through this site, e.g. a program containing help information, will be provided notice of through the site itself.

Some programs may for example, offer through the product description, `updates' (including extras) to the software, into the cost, and then an additional activation each time an update is offered. To use the Program legally however, and to legally obtain access to the media reproduced through operation of the Program, still requires on-line activation. Even then, your copy of the Program becomes `hardware locked' to the personal computer system upon which that copy resides, through use of the unique ID of your computer system, which is itself `read' by the Program during the activation process. The running Program will do this for you.

No standalone media files are offered for download, for money or otherwise.

3. To purchase, get your payment information ready, then use the button to purchase the number of activations following that button.

4. To then use the Program:

On download of the zipped or standalone exe-cutable Program using the on-screen button, and transfering payment for your licence `key'(code) via the on-screen button:-

Do the following either `on' or `off' line:-

- (a) Check your email.

- (b) `Cut and paste' or write down your personal key as supplied, in the way best suited for you. Do not provide the key code to others unless you wish them to utilise one of your set of activations for you. Once text or your code is block-selected, keys [CTRL]+[C] copy the blocked characters to the computer's `clipboard'. Pressing keys [CTRL]+[V] `pastes' those same selected and copied characters to where you want them, e.g. your own private pass-coded word processor document (which is also a database by definition). You may wish to use your licence `key' to re-activate later, e.g. if you needed to re-install your computer system, or on query of licence. Keeping a record of the payment is also advised. You can print a screen detail for a transaction.

How to `Unzip' a Downloaded Zip(ped) Program:

- (c) `Unzip' if necessary, the downloaded Program. To do this, try right-clicking the packed or compressed folder icon which appears and look for the `Extract all...' option. Select that same option. If that doesn't work, consult your operating system manual. Once you've `unzipped' the folder and extracted the Program, load or `run' the Program the same as you would with others, if using the same system. If you experience any problems with this, please refer to the help system or user manual which accompanies your licensed operating system. You may also wish to give some thought to where in your digital file system, you're going to store the Program once unzipped and what's best for you.

- (d) Follow the Program's provided direction to enter your purchased key. Please note: This will in many cases require you to be `on line'. Activation may `hardware lock' your copy of the downloaded Program, to assist with minimising many forms of piracy.

- (e) Re-run the Program. Although unlikely: in the event that any server facility within a program, is explained by error messages of your system to have been `blocked' by third-party firewalls or user account restrictions, you may need to both re-boot and ensure that whilst your system is `off-line', your firewall program is also turned off. There is no need to be running any ***already activated*** program obtained from this site, whilst being on-line or not part of any wider network beyond your individual, home-based personal computer (PC).

5. Please note: `Activation' doesn't in this context mean that you have to register on-line each time you use a copy of provided software. It can mean you sometimes need to register on line initially in order to operate the intended program e.g. music and-or video, if you download an electronically purchased copy of the software to a new or updated personal computer system or compatible hardware device. Change a unique part of your hardware, e.g. a disk drive or CPU, and the software may if designed to, recognise this. This is why several activations are sometimes reasonably accorded a licensed user and denoted in the product description. Sometimes, `freeware' software is specified, and can be downloaded and activated without purchase of a key, e.g. for information purposes.

Troubleshooting Sound Failure or Unavailability

6. Refer to your manufacturer's sound reproduction hardware instructions and refresh this page to test if you can hear the `on line' pips.

7. If you can hear the on-line pips, and you can play sound in the way you would through other programs, and you cannot hear an audio track play through an `audio production' program downloaded from this site, try accessing it via the M(for menu) button on the top tool bar. If you still cannot hear sound, follow step 6 again. If you still cannot hear sound, and you have followed step 6 again, please ensure that your system meets the recommended hardware specification. If your system does meet the recommended hardware specification, and you can still hear no sound, and you have installed your sound reproduction system correctly, and you are sure your hardware is working, proceed to step 8.

8. Terminate running (operation) of the program using the [X] button in the top tool bar.

9. Re-boot your device or reset your system, as if for example, you were turning it on to use for the first time that day. Run the Program and try again.


1. To install a desktop:
(i) Select the desktop image offered;
(ii) Right click the image;
(iii) Select `Set as Background'.

2. To remove the operating system task-bar and gain the full screen (including desktop):
(i) Right click the task-bar;
(ii) Select Properties, Taskbar;
(iii) Click-tick `Auto-hide the taskbar'.


Piracy & Rewards: Over 40 alleged `Soviet Jews' have already stalled the commercial projects relating to this web site. So reporting piracy of copyright works from this publisher and unlawful exploitation of anyone involved in the projects herein, is very welcome. Every penny lost to the thieves is a penny which can't be re-invested in projects this end or apportioned to stakeholders of the projects. The publisher reserves the right to offer periodic specific freebies to licensed users of any programs offered herein, through offered updated versions of those same programs, and to add an activation for a licensed user, if the publisher so chooses.

Music and words created between the years 1984 and 2006, stalled by a man on a patio and other problems.

For this on line music project, it was tempting to revisit potentially `most radio friendly' scores first. Instead of doing that, any surviving and more immediately `still usable' recordings prior to 2004, were tackled chronologically, so that development could be made of recordings from the year 2004 and into 2006.


By 2004, planning use of studio time had almost become 2nd nature, and much of the project was governed by time restrictions as much as limitation of budget and -in some cases- the absence of some musicians whom Peter played alongside across several years. These digital `musical diary' records (via programs) are very much `canibalisation' of what was `in the can' already, plus more recent songs in a collection `Parliament of Owls'- a set of recordings last alleged to be lifted soon after creation, in one form, via a pornographer in the West Country, and some of his international assistants, via the Internet. None of the music was ever legally released and never distributed in a form which the writer-owner, Trapani, wanted. Year 2004 recordings are currently being developed for inclusion.

Information about illegal use of material from this same music score library to promote third party `sales promoters' or `advisors' in the UK or USA, or elsewhere; piracy of sound recordings realising those same scores or unlawful recordings realising those scores, previously or into the future, is welcome on-going, together with information about any mis-use of the associated trademarks, associated logos and `passing off' of same. If they're all *genuinely* into peace, love and happiness "man", then it shouldn't make any difference if they end up living in a hallway, or up an alley. That's in the reply to the self-claimed `Lithuanean' approaching in Weston-super-Mare in 2011 and complaining about being "poor" and not being able to renovate his car, and the *self-claimed* `Christians'(quote) previously running off with some early reel-to-reel studio recording tapes of the late 1980s, and some other pirated mutilated copies.

Information about sources of early 1987/88 tape recordings involving Peter or Peter and co-musicians, are also welcome, on-going. Recovery, even if loaned for digital transfer, is useful for reference purposes at least where better in definition of sound than say, retained video recordings of live rehearsals and performance of the same period, a few years prior to the start up of the above project(1989/90).

The logo (which includes the glass and goldfish symbol and artwork) was used several years ago in conjunction with the commercial music and audio projects. Use of the trademark or any similar `passing off' of the copyright design, in the UK or overseas, together with any information about the mixes flogged by an illegal Somerset sales promoter, and involving third party musicians and commercial pornographers, is welcome on-going. Make contact...

Ronniescreech & the Shaved Apes: Train Song+Beach Song+Lyric ebook
Program availability put back due to ranting alcoholic. More...
Currently the earliest both complete and usable 'Screech recordings. Music & performance with a little animation, by Trapani, including guitars, vocals, harmonicas, earlier synthesised and sampled bass and drum sequences; 47 lyric and poetry ebook; additional `piracy spotter' section seeking to trace previous and current `compression pirates'; an animated sequence in which the Snoodles make a cameo appearance; background production notes and a tasteful, stark naked appearance from Pete's bird! Stereo recording.

and price

The stories, illustrations A partly satirical, 1980s-penned, retro-style 13-part sci-fi audio drama series and database, test-streamed in sound in the 1990s (with Pete Trapani & `Erve Gurgles'), recorded with full cast, 1999 late to 2001 end and prepared for `proper' / full release in its original 45-50 minute part format. Not spinning off from -and not a parody of- any other series or anything to do with publicaly funded television, the original proper recording edits/mixes were written, directed and produced by Trapani initially as a small tight post-production budget experimental project.


The original genuine standalone `parts' sold out, and are in repair (including Peter's own guitar/synthesisor incidental scores and theme cues) using the original `mix downs' made to analogue reel to reel tape after recovery of the majority of the original higher definition digital format `dialogue' recordings. This allowed patching of some of the scenes damaged on the tape-based mixes. Post part six production was mostly interrupted, and by criminals.

Still not suitable for children (e.g attempted rape in a later installment and occasional adult language), these installments are independent, full cast sci-fi audio fictions, sometimes containing visual and `extra' elements (no voice narration, and with two planned, previously partly-drafted (and later `faked' in writing by others) novels, the narrative of which were based reasonably tightly around the concept). Consisting of thirteen parts written in the 1980s, the recordings were previously mutilated and heavily pirated by common crooks.

The project was stalled but not erased or deleted, and also found support amongst a sub-set of the on-line cult sci-fi markets, and general radio sci-fi enthusiasts. It was made in a `retro' style, both in terms of dialogue and characterisation, playing to radio sci-fi markets, not CGI and-or tight body or 90min screen film culture.

The rights to all the storylines, scripts and concept were never signed away to the approaching United States' sales persons. The offers along with a range of other US offers from companies which appeared to also be asking for money (not provided) and contacted by a third party from the UK, were respectfully declined, along with offers relating to separate stories and concepts geared for children. Information about Peter's amateur video sequences of some aspects of one of the books of the concept, in 1989 - `Layton's Challenge' - retitled `Layton's Mission' in the pirated mutilated copies (which included re-edited out-takes by the look of one illegal copy witnessed), just to make it more confusing, is welcome on-going. Theft of other video material occurred via a college premises, the same year.

In reply to the chaps who asked (2010): There are no immediate plans for placing 96kHZ files onto physical disc, and the Compact Disc format won't be used now at the old standard cda 44hHz sample rates. So unless you've a numbered original disc from the limited number issued, and which were not in square jewel cases, the chances are you've picked up another fake pirated version.

Information about the illegal pirated and mutilated US-circulated DVD and versions is especially welcome. The last tip-off was a bit too vague to act on, involving the idea of it being mixed with `underaged porn' again by the pirates spoken of. Although reported to police on a few occasions, there is still no reply from even the year 2004 redirection of the digital female genitalia collector who pirated these works whilst offering more porn in exchange(declined) and who even claimed links to one authority and some other males, along with a software piracy network.


Layton's Mission - Part 1 `The Outsiders' 4 activations...
Program availability put back due to ranting alcoholic. More...
An employee of the Corporation "The Mobot Development Corporation"(MDC), who is subjected to mind control by brain implant, learns more of his colleague's research. The Corporation wants the product of the research. The creator of the work may be expendable. CAST: LAYTON (Michael Wade), DELORIS (Anneke Wills), the voices of PETE TRAPANI... © 1999, 2000. Uncut. 45mins, 2000. Additional visual materials used in the making of the production.

Layton's Mission - Part 2 `Fugitive' 4 activations...
Program development underway for release closer to Part 1. More...
The man who devised an alleged `quantum computer', decides it's time to leave, because the alternative might mean liquidation. The Outsiders see an opportunity for overthrowing Insiders. There appears to be no way out for Layton and his shape-shifting `mobot', until Layton thinks of a drastic, messy, handy ruse. The Orb(iton) Computer provides a `pathway' along which to run. CAST: LAYTON (Michael Wade), DELORIS (Anneke Wills), the voices of PETE TRAPANI... © 1999, 2000. Uncut. 45mins, 2000.

and price

Layton's Mission - (part3) The Digital Pigs... (part13) Counterpoint...
Program in development. Delayed by psychologically disturbed alcoholic. More...
Work on high-def rebuild of the mutilated `Digital Pigs' (part 3) and other parts up to Part 6, and then onto part 13 (requiring one dialogue recording session with two new cast members and one current or renewed cast member, for Part 7 onwards), is on-going, and was stalled by a set of pirates.



Information about illegal mutilated edits and copies in all formats, welcome...

The stories, illustrations and music were created between 1986 and 1993 by Peter Trapani, and hampered by crooks. No signing over of the concept or stories was granted to any company by Peter. The proposed contract from America, is still held and wasn't entered into. Information about the location of the fraudulent draft copy of book1, is welcome on-going. There has been no reply from the charity drug dealer of several years ago(2001), and on chasing the report to police(2001,2002, 2005) police instead advised Peter about where to sleep(2013).


The Snoodles of Snoodle Tump 4 activations...
Program availability ready yet delayed by psychologically disturbed alcoholic. More...
This is the first story from Snoodle Tump! Meet SnoodlePop, SnoodleBabe, SnoodleMum and the mischievous SnoodleTot, from near to the compost heap of Mr.Rumpus who owns the garden. Over 40 pages. Full colour illustrations and recovered `Snoodle theme'. Designed to be rotable for 720x1024(or visa versa) compatible screens of compatible devices.

The Snoodles are Magic
Program availability ready yet delayed by psychologically disturbed alcoholic. More...
A practical joker and `wizard' visits Snoodle Tump. The trees are not amused. Over 40 pages. Full colour illustrations. Designed to be rotable for 720x1024(or visa versa) compatible screens of compatible devices... Some Americans maintained(2002) the wizard too scary in this one.

The Snoodles and the Thing That Fell on the Tump
Program availability ready yet delayed by psychologically disturbed alcoholic. More...
An unidentified object lands near to the tump hole. It immediately causes gossip and panic amongst the yokels and Snoodles, who believe it's another invasion attempt. Over 40 pages. Designed to be rotable for 720x1024(or visa versa) compatible screens of compatible devices.


Apeview v2.2 No activation required and for £000.00
A document viewer and sound tester for use with at least this web site and to test whether programs downloaded from this site, will play on your own system. 700x748 pixels, expandable. Periodically updated with help files and other free information and resources...


All sound production recordings in the following programs, involve at present, no third party musicians. All music scores were also created by Peter. Some illegal mixes of some versions may have circulated after registration and further to Weston-super-Mare based pirates and associated office employees passed illegal copies by a man who claimed to be the father of a student and to believe that Peter "dodged" HM Revenue. Confirmation of deliver up of the illegal copies is still awaited from relevant authorities.

RonnieScreech' & the Shaved Apes - program2 2014. Don't Want to Fight(re-recording 2004-2006) / Car(1990-1997).

Additional Snoodle-related programs. Agent contact welcome...

RonnieScreech' & the Shaved Apes - program3 2014. We Have All Been Cyborgs / Parliament of Owls...

Incidental scores (all cues and tracks used in the audio drama recordings).

Layton's Mission - parts 3 to 8 (of 13). 2015 to 2017. The experiments with program 1 proved so sucessful on compilation, that these wider full cast recordings were considered worth `getting right' for the new technology (not that there was anything wrong with the genuine original ones) along with all the media and photographic material and the rest, from the time they were made.

RonnieScreech' & the Shaved Apes - audio production (music) programs 3 to 30... `Satellite'... `Put Can't In Yer' Pocket'(2004-2006)...

Other held recordings and anything made in future or granted sold under license and which does not conflict with existing agreements in place...

End of document.