The Epsilon Man

THE EPSILON MAN is a thriller / adventure series devised / created by Peter Trapani in the late 1980s, aimed at a wider audience, stalled in further development March 2000 by criminals. The format for the `show' plus opening season's storyline and character setup as devised, was in the process of being packaged up for presentation to a television company `all in', and is one of a set of five concepts stalled by criminals.

Peter created the concept and initial storyline and the format whilst still at school, invisaging it as a cartoon strip at one time, and set of adult-geared graphic novels as well as a television show.

There is no reason why this series could not still be realised by another company with the investment, if negotiating rights to its use. 'Gnomes has received in July 2012, business interest in the concept and is now keen to prevent `freebie' Internet distribution clubs from subjecting the concept to derogatory treatment, on additional grounds that the concept could be used by the same registered trade into the future, in various ways, `in house'. Section 80 of copyright law allows objection to such treatment and seeking of equitable remuneration. Information on the people who spend their hobby time wrecking these projects, is welcome on-going, as with any remixers (normally certain types of male with a mixing desk, some cash from sale of products they can't really talk about and so on...).

'Gnomes welcomes all such contact and would consider the kind of confidentiality agreements demonstrated by the former Patents Office respect of discussions involving intellectual property.

There's an `Epsilon Woman' as well, keeping him sweet during periods of testosterone-fuelled male tendencies for aggression respect of the same package. This one does need a healthy budget beyond Pete certainly at this time, if to be done `on screen' in any way. That doesn't prevent development as an audio drama, once some of the already infringing bedroom brigade have stopped utilising it as in 2002.

Interest in gaining rights to realise the format in any professional way enough to do it at least as much justice as 'Gnomes could, is welcome. Audio 5.1 production, utilising sample script / synopsis already in place for a pilot 1st installment, is being explored already for future years...


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