Hardware Used to Test Programs from This Site

The minimum specification recommended for `virtualisation' programs sold through this site is as follows. Please note this specification was updated prior to sale of programs, 13th May 2014, and the new specification machine used in testing of said programs.

Lower specifications e.g. those with less available memory, may work. If wishing to try a `lower specification' to operate said record(s) promoted through this site, why not simply convince a friend to try one for a few pence on a lower specification of machine, and then several people will know how much of an antiquated specification you can get away with?

Most of the audio-visual materials relating to this site were put together on an antiquated machine, and it is not the intention or part of the remit of this very very small registered company behind this web site, to promote sale of computer equipment. It may be worth keeping in mind that for the programs to operate and access any information (including sound) from a computer's `memory' (the `virtual storage'), the highest `virtual storage reserve' to date for a program accessible via this web site is around 200mb. In several cases, the virtual storage space allocated by an operating program is far smaller e.g. 20mb, sometimes smaller still. For this reason, the specification below was included, to cater for the most hugely enormous demand on memory. Virtual storage is NOT let's keep in mind, the same as the `size' (also in mega-bytes - mb) of a program. If a system can cope with `the big ones', then it can cope with `the smaller ones'.

Although these systems cannot be `tested to destruction'(where every possible combination of factors is considered), every effort is made to test the materials offered through this site, on a range of PC brands and `builds' through a development `Life Cycle', utilising equipment accessible to SOSA.

Specifics of the system used to test sucessfully, programs accessible through this web site:-

  • Personal Computer (PC) with licensed operating system capable of running Windows-based executable applications; installed video-audio player software or drivers used to replay sound output from programs, and any sound reproduction equipment which you may choose to `bolt on' or connect to your sound playing hardware (or installed sound card) through `line out' stereo and-or surround sound auxilliary connections.
  • Available Physical Memory of 960.19 MB
  • Total Virtual Memory of 2.00 GB
  • Available Virtual Memory 1.96 GB
  • Total Physical Memory 1,280.00 MB
  • Visual Display (VD) equal or greater than 600x756 pixels. ***Each program may be described as being designed for a different specific format or range of format of screens e.g. in the case of information databases.*** Please check and re-read the individual description for the program. If your screen resolution is greater, a compatible hardware device will support the resolution and can be kept `non expanded' to avoid appearing `blocky'. In some cases, artwork may be geared to a whole range of resolutions for specific reasons. *** A larger format of screen `design'(not the same as `on screen artwork') for any program, will not fit wholly onto a smaller screen resolution, so please double-check the program description. ***. Some artwork may be visible `shrunk', though may for example, be intended and `designed' to be viewed on the size of screen specified in the description, else it may not be large enough for example, to be read using the human eye, e.g. in the case of literary copyright text. This small registered trade has no aim to be `forking out' for people's eye tests, so please read the description.
  • During testing, the `total paging file size for all drives' was 1920 MB.

    Please note: Unless stated otherwise in a product description found on this site, a Program offered through this site is designed for and intended for installation on the `hard drive' or `main file storage drive' of a personal computer (PC). Unless the version of the program is actually stated to be compatible with a `portable storage device', it can be assumed that it may not operate correctly if installed on one. Some programs will be geared to install and operate on portable devices. Some will not. Again, ***please re-read the description for the individual program offered as download***.

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