Some aspects of life and work of British citizen, Peter James Trapani; how to `virtually sniff'(`vet') and contact him; and legal promotion of commercial projects relating to him, respect of his agreements with others.
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   By pre-arrangement, private commercial access to some of the following records, can sometimes be entirely free for work, charitable and employment reasons, as they can be to some authority. To apply for free access, please make contact and ask for an activation key code.
   There is normally someone unlawfully exploiting Peter or trying to keep him `in his place'. One of the several reasons this web site was set up, was to invite information about that exploitation, regardless of how financially powerful the exploitative party might consider themselves. Every `copper' lost to Pete and his associates, is lost to at least him and them.
   Sometimes it can be forgone to others also. [ More... ]

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Unlawful Exploitation


WHY This Site Is Not Used to Promote `Social Media Publicist Conglomerates'

This site does NOT promote social media conglomerates, even if other people using them or drawing blatant attention to them through links on their sites, perhaps to appear `trendy' or `with it', might choose to promote the ranges of products and services advertised by those social media networks, without asking for any payment for it. But then he never personally set out to be a cheapened, become automatically and habitually subservient or a religiously impressionable `pushover' or `mug' either. It's simply that some people tried to `try it on' unlawfully, deliberately, and attempted to make him out to be so. That's another reason this site was set up, here in Great Britain. After all, on a planet of `equality of opportunity' within genuine democracy, not one individual in trade who doesn't want to promote those ranges of products and services without agreeing to, shouldn't have to. Right? Each time an individual discusses any such business, they advertise for those other businesses. No prejudice is intended towards anyone who does choose to become a walking advert `for free', for conglomerates which could the following week, begin to promote just about anything they might wish to, either for the benefit of a democracy through capitalism or perhaps even a `communist state' and its own business interests. It's a matter of personal risk and personal choice. The `Society of Shaved Apes' has chosen to avoid doing so, merely so it has more control and `freedom of choice' about who it chooses to `push' commercially, needing to weigh up the entire situation at any time and consider the impact of supporting anything through visual communication at least (graphic design). The `Society' accepts that if some people wish to agree to be a pushover or `mug', willingly, that's a decision for them, including anyone offered a huge amount of cash for doing so. Each situation is different, and the Society has to take into account agreements which its membership has struck up with third parties, together with the rights of those third parties. Some people have more to lose.

WHAT types of Information (by Example) are Sought

To assist in the tracing and tracking, cracking and ruling out and prevention of unlawful forms of exploitation of this individual and sometimes, some of those with whom he works: Information about anyone representing either this individual or any of the intellectual properties associated with him, or any of the work undertaken by that same individual, commercial or otherwise, is welcome on-going, for initially, *verification purposes.* In some situations, a reward may be applied for. The site was in part set up to (i)facilitate verification of fact; (ii)assist in the recovery of some larger previous losses due to `damage'; (iii)sometimes seek alternative remedies; and (iv)avoid the following types of events into the future:-

Self-Appointed Sales Persons
*Sometimes*, people become `sales representatives’ and-or promoters of others, publicaly to more than one person at a time, in ways not authorised or agreed. *Sometimes*, this can undermine planned, authorised ways of communicating information, and impact on reputation and income.
(i) A planned publicity campaign undermined by someone ranting on a stage at a time not agreed, and using half-information or incomplete information; or someone using an alleged `CV' for a person in a way which misrepresents the person named on the CV, where planning to later gain income from it through attention being drawn to their own business agreements with other parties.
(ii) *Some companies and corporations* benefit from persons who choose to act in the afforementioned way, by removing persons from an industry -any industry. This can be done by selectively editing data or through mis-representation and sometimes intimidation.

Infringements of Other rights

  • Infringements of copyright, where `copyright works' include photographs; music scores(the melodies); sound recordings(including video soundtracks); video recordings.

  • Infringments of privacy e.g. Article 8 of the Human Rights Act, extending to information which is welcomed about `illicit' video and sound recording as defined also in copyright law. `Illicit' video and sound recordings are those made of an individual going about any aspect of their life, without that individual's consent or order of authority, e.g. `secret filming'.
  • Criminal Forgery
    New information about both more criminal forgery in Peter's name and-or any unlawful exploitation of himself, past, current or planned for future, is welcome on-going, together with any more `leads' about any files from this site, where those same files have been uploaded as copy or mutilated copy, to other on-line services and servers operated by unlicensed users. [ More... ]

    [ How to submit information * without submitting someone else' person information * … ]

    WHY the Information is Sought and WHY Denial of Income is Damaging

    When income is denied to Pete Trapani and some of his associates, aside their own income and what they might materialistically wish to do with it, e.g. family plans and say for example, wider lifestyle aims (which most people have in one form or another) and perhaps added feelings of security for some, there are sometimes lost opportunities for third parties.


  • A set of specific charities(s) at any given time.
  • Friends and associates of the person who has been unlawfully exploited and denied money income through lost reputation and-or lost time -those businesses and-or charities into which the person owed, may have wished to and chosen to invest and to which they may still wish to apportion money on receipt of compensation.

  • Administration of registration for a range of business creative matters, including some aspects of making more secure, copyright designs (all of which costs as an `overhead'). When the opportunity is denied, someone else can then earn more from a design than the designer, and the originally planned receivers of some of the royalties, can also be denied that income.
  • So you can see it's not for any religious dis-organisation(a disarray of people basing their decisions entirely on belief and what chemically, they feel) or ranting `holier-than-though' self-claimed `Socialist' (whether they even understand what Socialism is, by specific definition of a 1950's Union, or not), or any other chronic manipulating bater of others, to decide for anyone not agreeing, how to spent someone's individual money and forgo them that amount. Even if the self-appointed spender or `lifter' claims to `work hard'.

    In reality, `work' is actually a measure of the transfer of energy. In the real world of employment we actually pay for both work done(measurable scientifically) and the application of skills, some of which also require investment of both time and monetary investment. When people ask about `hard work' it's normally implied through a contractual agreement that someone will do the job. As to whether that's `hard' is a matter of opinion and conjecture, in contrast to physical work output, which can be measured. `Hard work' is normally spoken of with `pride'(a word which the dictionary describes as `conceit', which is ironically an allegation often made against some people who pursue what's genuinely owed to them, normally by persons of `artifice and exaggeration'(camp) where the person blatantly undertaking the exploitation unlawfully, uses camp to further themselves politically and-or financially)

    The Digital Tree Monkey (life records)

    Zip(ped) file size: 89.2mb. Last revised: 09/10/2014. 12 activations for £0.99
    Life event records of Peter Trapani include information about his own music scores and music library; journal and diary extracts; past gig data, photography, artwork(including real `still life' drawings, from a surviving portfolio of the time) and more from 1971 to present. Extras include sample inventions, other designs and free desktops. The `app'(lication) is named after a smaller collection of Peter's wider collection of self-penned music scores. Before any access, please read and understand the content warning. Activations can be used with this or future revised versions of this program, subject to `Terms and Conditions' of use.

    With thanks to some of Pete's genuine friends for assistance in the compiling of these records.

    Life, Work and Employment


    Zip(ped) file size: 12mb approx. Last revised: 02/11/2014. Activate for £000.00
    Separate life event records of Peter Trapani relating him to encounters with the civil service. The chronologically ordered records are partly censored to respect the rights of individuals, including those rights accorded them under the Human Rights Act. The electronic book details Peter's time with the civil service and Government, spanning a few eras of power by local Government; approaches about various yokel complications; invoices he's allegedly issued and what to some seemed unnecessarily over-complicated ways of moving pieces of paper from point A to point B (and from the perspective of a systems thinker).


    Intellectual Property Links
    For other property links, please try www.apetunes.co.uk

    Crimes and Frauds and Scams Impacting Detrimentally On Peter


    "Accessible" Curriculum Vitae information requested by Local Government

    A salary paid civil servant for the British Government has explained that no loss of employment or work opportunity could possibly occur for Peter in any of his employment fields, if he made his CV accessible on line (minus employer and person data), and further explained to be an `expert advisor'.


    Peter was born in a city and is the son of working class parents. He has worked as a systems related ICT consultant (one time programmer from 1981 onwards, and software tester) and contractor(never a rent boy), a singer-songwriter musician, actor and script writer, director of audio drama and producer, all commercially; all involving the design and graphic elements of his work. He is a British citizen with no criminal record, and hygienic. His life was stalled for a few years by some criminals including copyright thieves, charity drug dealers, torture(2002), a minority of more obsessive, insular, attention-seeking and delusional `television cultists' who appeared resentful amongst the wider customer bases of audio sci-fi drama markets; some religious cultists and preachers with no coherent message; maladministration within the education system and approaches with bogus credentials from people working within it; some defective persons in authority including local Government, and some psychologically disturbed persons; delusional people and people who sometimes publicaly and unlawfully mis-represent Peter and some or all of his intellectual property. Additional delays were sometimes caused by authority, sometimes when it was tied up with false allegations from disturbed persons, most of which appear to have been single with gay desire unfulfilled and so a `chip on the shoulder'. Officially Peter isn't supposed to mention any of this and just smile and hope people don't blame him for it. In the real world, it's sometimes necessary to make it clear why people are sometimes stalled and damaged. They can otherwise appear lazy to some, especially the ones with the time to speculate about how much work other people do. Now there's an irony.

  • From 1971: Crying, sentient, functional.
  • From 1976: Writer/maker of drawings (some periodic commercial graphic design from 1988).
  • From 1979: Exploring concepts for launching spacecraft in different ways. He later toyed with the future of footwear 1983-99, later formalised by 2007. Labelled a crank by a schoolteacher of 1979, thankfully not the one teaching him.
  • From 1983: Children's writer/illustrator, science fiction writer, commercially exploited by 2000.
  • From 1984: Songwriter/singer/guitarist (and before 1989, covering other publisher's music also in venues registered to external agent(s) collecting payments due for use of certain music scores.
  • From 1985: Songwriter/performer. Some of Peter's poetry/verse/lyrics has been offered published broadly in print by a London based publishing firm promoted by a West Country local Council. Pete didn't like the deal.
  • From 1987: Commercial live musician/one-time hired session rhythm guitarist.
  • From 1988: A lover. Many girl friends, but only one actual lover at any time in his life (one deceased). He's not a womaniser either.
  • From 1988: Graphic designer/graphic artist/photographer/video cameraman/director of initially, amateur video film material.
  • From 1988: One-time contract labourer and director of some video projects, including amateur skits and some early more focussed film shorts.
  • From 1988: Systems analyst / information systems consultant/contractor, sometimes a programmer.
  • From 1988: Designer of gadgets, exploring concepts for land-mine detection equipment.
  • From 1989: Commercial recording artist, interrupted by criminals.
  • 1996: On reading Systems theory with some discrete mathematics/logic thrown in, Peter graduated in 1996 after some corrected credit notes from a Bristol based converted polytechnic turned University, and a lot of unnecessary interruptions.
  • From 1997: Commercially, an actor.
  • 1999: Tutor to young students of multi-media
  • From 1999: Assistant Direction commercially.
  • From 2000: Commercial script-writer, director, producer, editor, incidental musician.
  • 2001: Tutor of systems methodology
  • 2002 late: Exploding Gnomes' is set up in a cardboard box...


    - `Qualification' through physical real world experience of paid employment(interupted by people with problems);
    - Software-specific accreditation (amusing little certificates), which Peter isn't going to specify on the CV unless you can guarantee I won't be sued to promote the software sales company (you can pay me through agreement if you wish). This was funded by both 3rd party companies in some cases, and self-funded in others;
    - First Aid at Work course (another piece of paper shows this was undertaken in 1998 through employment out of necessity, where the company required for legal reasons, X number of employees of the company to have passed the course).
    [ DOWNLOAD ];
    - Systems Analysis (honours degree - another piece of paper, somewhere in an office - see life records). Course started 1992;
    - BTEC National Diploma in Art & Design(design, graphics, art, drama and welding);
    - GCSEs (5 of including Music `B' and `English');
    - Two early taken `O' Levels in English and Art respectively;
    - French Credit I+II
    - One certificate for some kind of charity run following a charity music concert the previous year. This involved some camp costumes and from photographic records, what appears to be fluroescent stickers attached to the forehead, in case anyone began trying to over-take without signalling;
    - Basketball certificate (the only team sport Peter really took to, for a time, and probably because he was tall and closer the net);
    - Swimming and field event certificates from early youth, including those little furry badges you could sew onto your clothes or which sometimes peel off and left a horrible nasty sticky mess on some of your clothing, if they eventually came off.

    Pending: Links to be included to censored exhibits supporting the above, on request of a flowery person from local Government who was very stimulated by courses and pieces of paper between discussing more courses (no horses).


    Please make contact to request access to company employer data, providing your registered business name. Grounds for asking include minimisation of risk of loss of person data, together with in some cases, public safety including some people known to Peter socially. This follows contrived attempt by ruse, to obtain access to many of the employer details, by an employee of a public Government department in 2009 and 2010, who approached about "ghosts" in "Chichester" and sought access to all employer data to date. He later appeared to develop amnesia, else he was of `artifice and exaggeration' and put up to it by someone else. The paperwork was never returned and Peter has his own views as to why the apparently camp and delusional man sought to obtain it. For this reason, all religious organisations (the kind which believes the content of ancient texts) are considered a greater than average risk.


    More Technical Related Employment Includes:-

  • 010/2012 96KhZ music encoding tests for Exploding Gnomes' executable `virtualisation' multi-media, for on-line accessible audio-video recordings..
  • 01/2012 Systems solution provided to HM Revenue via Tribunal.
  • 2010-present. Design and implementation of a `retro feel' fast-accessible, HTML-`hard coded' web site.
  • 12/09/2004 Relational database development for a printing company.
  • 22/03/2004-02/04/2004 Administration within the civil service.
  • xx/08/2001 Systems analysis and graphic design work within a charity under investigation.
  • 28/01/2001-01/05/2001 Administration and systems work within a company providing housing improvement related services.
  • xx/xx/2001 Systems administration within an insurance company.
  • 23/07/2001-18/09/2001 Tutoring in specific hard systems methodologies.
  • 13/06/2000 Systems and coding within a research-related computer systems company, Oxfordshire.
  • 10/09/2000 Web-based development for a video editing company.
  • xx/xx/2000 Systems analysis and graphic artistry within a company subsequently under investigation in relation to a business rates anomaly found on routine checking.
  • xx/09/1999-xx/10/1999 Theatrical role playing within an insurance environment, removing salesmen not following regulations. Additional investigation/research of a theatrical agency respect of late turnaround payments for performers.
  • xx/09/1999-xx/09/1999 Tutoring for an agency subsequently researched by associates over ten years, respect of statements provided by an academic tutor which needed verifying.
  • xx/03/1998-xx/06/1999 Technical authoring and quality control/systems related work within an electrical engineering environment. Original schematics/designs not received.
  • xx/xx/1998 Limited company agency. Placed within a telecommunications project relating to a tower, a set of network installations and proceduralised installation of equipment.
  • 01/11/1996-20/02/1997 Consultancy in systems and specific database systems development.
  • xx/06/1996-25/10/1996 Database development within an engineering materials environment. Additional systems recommendations issued.
  • xx/xx/1996 `On hand' provision of help for PC systems users within a University during his own study/reading. Employee.
  • xx/07/1995-xx/04/1996 Systems consultancy within an Orthodontics-related academic environment.
  • xx/06/1995-xx/05/1996: Systems analysis and database development within a transport-related corporation, edge of Oxford.
  • xx/06/1994-xx/06/1995:Systems analysis and optimisation, technical authoring and documentation of processes, within a health related systems management company which was itself overseeing development and implementation of amendments to existing General Practitioner's computer systems.
  • 1989-1992 Retail assistant in a book and stationer's shop. Additional minding of wholesale related point of sale retail services, and manual assistant labouring within the same environments. Some use of a spade, digging in soil and gathering food crops. Additional commercial graphic design tasks undertaken. Experience of vulgar people, fraudsters, common crooks and thieves, whisky smugglers and staff having sex together in the lavatories and then dragging Peter into their pregnancy difficulties, without invite, to add to his time.
  • More Creative Related Employment Includes:-

    For contractual reasons and to avoid unlawfully exploiting any company through Internet search engines, employer company names have been removed from this section including any third party television / radio producing companies. Peter's very `presence' in any form, via Internet, can of course be used to research areas of his work, in the same way that anyone else could be searched for in the same way. This doesn't guarantee accuracy of data found on third party web sites, some of which relate data taken from e.g. a Producer company, which may occasionally get its own graphic design and typeography wrong anyway.

    -VOICES (E.G.)

  • 2012 July end-onwards. Restoration/rebuild of previously interupted audio drama/CDROM & music.
  • 2010/2011 Production+post production of audio drama/CDROM & music.
  • 2007 Business graphic design for a private client.
  • 1998-2002 Audio drama producing, scripting, script-editing, mixing/sound editing, direction and casting and performing.
  • 2000-2002 Graphic design for audio drama production company.
  • 2001 Incidental music performance for audio drama.
  • 2001 Background actor in photographic shoot.
  • 2001 Role of terrorist henchman for a Somerset based film company.
  • 2001 Audio/radio/CD: Voice of `Kurst' in a sci-fi drama.
  • 2000 Voice of Arabian taxi driver in an audio production for a Somerset based company.
  • 2000 Visual role in a film advertisement as a `happy shopper' for a Bristol based production company.
  • 2000 Audio narration for a children's product set.
  • 2000 Audio/radio/CD: Voices of `Mike Duff' and `Scourge leader' in a sci-fi drama.
  • 2000 Theatrical performance at a set of schools. (Our ref Barry+Sherrin+Marquiss+Revenue).
  • 2000 CD ROM narration of scientific passages, Gloucestershire.
  • 1999 Acting, direction, prop construction/design work and additional assistant direction and co-production.
  • 1999 Web page design and coding for a Somerset based entertainments related company.
  • 1997 Visual: Character role of `Detective Hendrix' in a student's film.
  • 1997 Extra in a sci-fi `sell through' video production from a Leatherhead based company.
  • 1998 Book jacket design: roughs and finished artwork. Private client.
  • 1998 Character role as a male prostitute in a student's film.
  • 1990 Commercial video cameraman and editor for private clients.
  • 1989/90 Film short `Punishment' (director/producer).
  • 1987-1990 Appearing in and directing some amateur `skits'/video film projects (self funded - see `Life Records').
  • 1989 Creation of a theme music for a drama.
  • 1989 Life model for fellow artists(London). Brief stint. Received splinter in a buttock.
  • 1988 Live/recorded musician. The word `gig' can be searched for under Events...
  • 1984-present. Singer-songwriter-guitarist etc. Commercially/legally exploited through live performance and stalled legal recorded use (pirated...)
  • Philanthropic

    Some philanthropic activities prior to the approach of charity drug dealers, include:-

  • Work which Peter has done sometimes philanthropically before he and associates agreed to stop, after several began to `take liberties' after the approach of `charity drug dealers' in the year 2001.
  • Redirection to authority and watchdog bodies of unwanted criminal approaches and any companies attempting to pervert the lives of [ shaved apes ] 1988-present, or those fraudsters and drug dealers from whom Peter was instructed by local government, to paid employment, because the civil servants hadn't read Peter's paperwork carefully and didn't verify the data provided to them and were just content taking their salary.
  • 1985-2011: Periodic fund-raising for a small set of charities with no government funding, in line with income, direct and / or via assistance in connection with a fraternal network.
  • Assisting unique learning students through provision of creative lyric work and music (multiple institutions) and performance.
  • 2001: Client work for charity focussing on former drug addicts and people with financial problems.
  • 2000: Setting up of `Homebake Concepts'(copyright designs) and `Exploding Gnomes Productions'(multi-media production and concepts for television) (later www.petertrapani.com) to manage all creative commercial work concepts which emerge.
  • 1997: Lectures inc. for the R***** Club (on invite by a man who liked opera and ran a government backed business in the West Country) venues on the Millennium social problem (2000). Additional return favour to a fraternal network.
  • 1996: Bristol. Re-decoration of a children’s play centre, utilising my own intellectual properties, with a team of Christians who approached seeking assistance and agreement over specific use of the property for the walls via a medical graduate.
  • 1991: Summer break-Assisting charity store. `Hands on’. Later assisting removal of an employer client exploiting one charity's name, after being involved by British government `services'.
  • 1986: Fund raising for Euritrean relief.
  • 1986: A centre for people of more difficult learning in Weston-super-Mare. Fund-raising through some (certainly not all) live music performance. Highly inspiring people.
  • All registered charity details/code numbers retained.

    Missing Dates Caused by Criminal Intervention

    Ambiguity over some precise dates of months of contracts, prior to March 2000.

    Due to criminal intervention of the above time, some precise dates of contracts previous, may be accessible in part from HM Revenue, who have explained their records are reliable, exact, and infallible.

    Fiction Development and Works


    Pete's Anatomy

    Information about illicit images made of Peter is welcome on-going, and may lead to issue of a reward. Additional data on any related perverts, `sicko's' or similar, is also welcome.


    For the voyeur who sat before Peter cross-legged when hired to do something else, in 2004, and the intruders who sought access in 1999:-

    Option for access to more of Peter's body parts may follow over time, for the weary, including nipples and ear lobes. You chose to visit this section. You must have had a reason for doing so. Perhaps you'd like some toast as well !

    Other Activities

    Random and less planned activity.

    When tired, Pete has a nap under his blankets, which are yellow, pink and purple. He does catch up (and did more previously) with fellow performers' work, though attends theatre less now. He doesn't really have many `hobbies', in so far he's not a member of any `clubs', though he is a member of the wider [ `Society of Shaved Apes'(SOSA) ]. Peter does walk a lot, sometimes messes about in the water, in boats, occasionally in the air and sometimes on an inflatable. He has been invited to take part in the odd charity cricket match and done his best. He doesn't like answering sections on forms about hobbies because it normally means the management are losing focus else seeking a friend rather than a functional solution (what he gets paid for), unless it's within creative work arenas, in which case they might be asking for reasons relevant to the job and some of what's involved. He says hello sometimes to dogs he's never met before, sometimes to confuse the owners.

    In his `free time' Peter likes to sit down comfortably and catch up with rebuilding the damage caused to him over several years by some sections of Government, under the 1990s regime.

    Fantasies and Misinformation Circulated

    Information about any suspect altered standalone files is welcome on-going, including the one about Peter allegedly being born in the 1960s and being involved in the porn industry.

    Definitions of words used in this section:

    `Camp' simply means `artifice and exaggeration'. It is not a measure of sexual orientation. Camp can be used for good (in accepted fictional performance for example) or bad (criminal fraud or malicious activity, e.g. bating of others to do naughty things to other people).

    `Yokel' refers to an insular person on grounds that we all live in the country else we are wet and live in the ocean or floating on it, else we're from outer space or `living on another planet'.

    Fantasies or `False Notions' Previously Circulated and Contrasting Reality:

    The false notion that Peter is married to Mary.

    1995: The false notion that Peter drinks alcohol a lot and has developed straight forward gout and `ulric acid' build up due to his heavy nights out with "the boys". This seemed to mainly come from wanabee medical experts, including one single self-claimed lesbian and a woman who didn't eat nutritious food, looked very pale and undernourished and hung about inside a Government outsourced company premises which was paid to do a job and not waste Peter's time. Peter was diagnosed with `pseudo gout' symptoms in Bristol in 1996, following a year 1995 standing on his left foot by a fat man, who found it funny. The fat man was explained to do it as a joke to several people, and to not get on with his ranting blond wife, who provided Peter much advice as well, yet didn't entirely seem to know what she was doing, whilst raking in her salary. Advice was also given to Peter by a `meat free' self-claimed lesbian, without invite, for Peter to give up red meat, because it wasn't good for people. The notion was noted, together with the cannabis addiction of the self-claimed lesbian. Peter has no evidence there is any such clear definable thing as a lesbian.

    The false notion that Peter has given up commercial music creation and music live performance and decided to run a little shop in the West Country. An envious actor may have been responsible, perhaps approaching the end of his career, or say, a cynical person, or just someone else trying to put the spanner in the work and push Peter into managing retail sales professionals, so all damage done to him to date can be written off and he can "start again" as if nothing happened.

    The false notion that Peter has given up work opportunities as an actor. The idea may have stemmed from some copyright fraudsters circulating some amateur video material from years before, after becoming bitter that Peter took on professional paid performance work on several occasions, and that he was making headway. One of the culprits is understood to be huge now, after an unhappy or `damaged' love affair, and to resent many people from his past.

    The false notion that Peter has given away music intellectual property including music scores and recordings. This deception was engineered by criminal Socialists, some Unionists and other presumptuous, selfish people.

    The false notion that Peter doesn't enjoy performing music and was just doing it to earn money in the same way as earning it any other way. Peter has never worked in the Arts for purely the money. There is always at least one other motive, sometimes the enjoyment of it. Peter has agreements with others, including a wider network of associates. What he and they do with their money when it comes in, is for them. It is not for a Socialist or ranting religious representative to decide otherwise.

    The false notion that Peter has underwent a vasectomy operation, was circulated by a slob within the NHS, post 2005.

    The false notion that Peter was or is a Socialist. Peter has no evidence that there is any such thing as a Socialist. It appears to be another idealism and excuse for asking Peter to give away material wealth and speak of "the poor", whilst not making your accounts available.

    The false notion that Peter was sterile, was spoken of with advice by a gay man in 1999 and then 2006, explaining that he had spoken to "Timmy" and "Ian" about it (how they'd know is anyone's guess). The wider misconception that Peter was experiencing erectile difficulties was also circulated by more gay men, probably with that problem, else seeking males who wanted to chat about it. Peter has asked two persons intimately involved with him previously and both have agreed that schedule wise, there's been no problem to date. So we knock that one `on the head' as well. A range of product offers have also been sent to Peter, and the relevant fraud related authorities asked to look more closely at the mindset which oversaw the sending of the sales offer to Peter and what appears to be many others, at various times. The causation appears to be other people fraudulently using Peter's identity, person data and contact data when contacting other companies. On-line activation for access to any future sperm checks, is a possibility, in the event that there is any market for it. If interested in Peter's little fellas, by all means send an email to that effect, seeking access to the output report of a private sperm check, and Peter will see what he can do to try and arrange that, depending on the initial cost. Alternatively, get a life and consider whether perhaps, you might be a gay and merely seeking to get closer to men in general because of a current lack of male to male fondling.

    The false notion that Peter is being awkward asking anyone for confirmation of their registered business name before discussing any work related agreement. The only people who object tend to be fraudsters or people who assume their company has been heard of (normally if they claim to be `leading' a market, along with someone else who also claims to be `leading' it). Peter simply tries to reduce his work load and that of the other party by starting on the basis that if he knows who promises to pay him for work, he can then make sure the correct company's name is provided to someone chasing payment, if they turned out to be as fraudulent as some companies which the Government previously demanded he work for. Most rational people accept this is normal for both parties. Knowing who you're entering into an agreement with or considering entering into an agreement with, is a good way forward. The same is true with sexual intercourse, but Peter accepts that some people choose a different route there as well, as it's not for him to intervene in how others go about their own agreements. Anyone trying to gain Peter's trust however, without presenting their credentials, might be passed over to the relevant fraud related authority at least, if not Revenue, and may even receive an invoice to cover his time at the relevant hourly rate or equivalent. The decision is a sensible logical one, and not personal in any way. Peter wouldn't waste his time or energy becoming emotional about it. The problem would just be removed to avoid it forgoing him other opportunity in life.

    The false notion Peter had a "nervous breakdown". Causation of the fantasy was most probably fear of acceptance of reality amongst some yokels and a few in authority, about the genuine real-world threat of being chemically altered if you come forward to authority seeking removal of unwanted approaches involving offers of drugs, and younger people seeking assistance in the removal of drug sales offer approaches to them and `pressure' for them to become involved in the activities associated with it, including some sexual practices. It was easier for some to just shrug off the possibility and convince themselves that Peter actually had the time or desire to become stressed for anyone else in the workplace or in general life. Offices have never `stressed' Peter any more than managers or bosses. They're either capable else they haven't planned something well enough. Stress is an irrational unnecessary state of being in a simple office situation, and there's little point in the creative arts, becoming `stressed' either. It would have no percentage or excitement for Peter, so he refuses to become stressed. It's not something he agrees to do. An agreement is entered into, and logically, the agreement is conducted. This is why he establishes what the agreement is from the outset, to avoid camp ambiguity from the kind of people who come back later trying to `scab' money from him. An insular NHS employee may have added to the fantasy, to make himself feel better and avoid reality.

    The false notion that Peter "likes computerz". Another yokel delusion likely extending from fear of establishing reality and fact. If a box is used in a job, it is easier for a small insular mindset to associate the person using it or near to it, with the idea of fondness. Peter has never had sexual relations or even intimate association with a computer, though finds them very useful tools like door handles or some forms of household gadgets.

    The false notion that Peter is insular. Most likely stemming from one sect of the Church, in a yokel insular area of the country after some accusations of theft of what may have been stationary or something electronic (it wasn't clear) in the year 2011. Some requests made to Peter for cash for "cancer charity" from the same religious group were declined, when no credentials for the "charity" were presented, and Peter was asked to have "faith" instead and just hope anything he might hand over, went to a worthy cause and someone capable and functional and legitimate. This followed delivery of several publications to Peter, involving editorials created by what appeared to be genuinely insular men and women, who were a bit camp at least, claimed lots of life experience, yet for the most part seemed to be both single sexually (not a crime) and also gaining much personal stimulation from pretending to have a lot of life experience. They also seemed to reject several twentieth and twenty-first century activities and admitted in writing to wanting the people they approached to stop what they were doing, as they inconvenienced them. By 2014, Peter still didn't have the credentials, though a little gorge on an island was provided as the probable location for a quaint woman who was allegedly the head of the cancer-related charity. One of the Church group had also explaine that Peter needed to reject music and drama because of the "drugs links" and instead "join the computer club". The approaches and subsequent unsought advice was bizarre and involved the idea that Peter needed a "hobby", because the Church or some of its members, had decided this for Peter. They all seemed a bit insular, though all human beings are to one extent or another insular, in so far that everyone creates a `perimeter' of concern at any time, or if you like `priorities'. This is all perfectly normal and nothing to start preaching about from any pulpit or at the the front door of the victims.

    The false notion that Peter works in creative lines of work, purely for the money. It's a preferred work area, and what Peter chooses to do philanthropically if at all, is for him. This is capitalism, and the motive behind the accusation, which came mostly from some single males in one area of entertainment, appeared to be a desire for Peter to hand over all material property because he was so say "privalaged", wealthy, born into a wealthier family (?) and should be grateful with his lot. An obese man in 2013 presented the idea also. The notion accompanied a second: the idea that Peter should spend his own time, pursuing activities which the accuser(s) felt best for him. So they were probably all Socialists, and perhaps even the kind of people who give away other people's property and money. An old dear also explained that Peter could read books like she could, and "save" money. In this way Peter could avoid higher forms of income, become more like the old dear, and live in a similar area to her, because there was "more to life than money." She seemed to have quite a lot of cash available to her though, and bought her lottery tickets regularly, most likely because she wanted to win, rather than pay into any charities. She also used central heating, she explained, and enjoyed and paid out for many of the home comforts others do, and the occasional holiday. But she considered Peter was spending too much. The old dear had actually seemed to have mapped out what Peter's life should really be like, and was followed by another dear in a supermarket, who explained her views about the military and decided that she needed to know where Peter would be living next, because she could try and help him save money. She was spending quite freely in the supermarket and also appeared to be single and perhaps a bit sex-less in life, and without anything to keep her occupied.

    The false notion that Peter invites twenty minute advisory lectures from traffic wardens during their working hours. The female who set this idea in motion behaved like a sort of latter day children's presenter, with a lot of amateur psychologist style waving about of arms in the street and over the top beaming smiles, as if trying to enlighten the facial expressions of a mentally retarded person and treating others as if they were in some way restricted in their learning capacity. The woman took twenty minutes out of her job without invite, to also advise Peter that he wasn't cut out for being a traffic warden, but might go into the security profession, because it suited her. She was fascinating, totally `off her rocker' in Peter's view, but every arrogant statement of self-appointed expertise was noted. A taller more spindly and male warden later began offering more life advice and asking Peter about the notion of `hard work'. It was as if he'd read something (like some tabloid newspaper readers do) which had convinced him that he was the man to solve something not even known to Peter. It may have stemmed from more criminal forgery from the year 2003 or into 2004, by the more militant of camp men, else the latter warden at least, may have been bated by whomever it is that wardens of his kind hung about with. Peter seldom finds any need to comment on the amount of work others do, which can actually be scientifically measured. It's a phrase many use without actually knowing what they're saying. Peter has never been too proud to ask for assistance if he needs it. He finds the right person and then offers payment for it, else he asks someone to close their hole and mind their own damn business - but mostly more politely.

    The false notion that Peter enjoys frollicking about with female tarts. This may again extend from a wide misunderstanding amongst human beings about the concept of `camp' in its modern meaning, within the Arts. Some `tarts' and bigots do still seem to believe it means `thrusting your parts about' or stripping off naked and entering into porn films with complete strangers. There is no correlation between the latter and the word `camp'. There is only much human ignorance and many risking being sued for libel, slander and in some cases, continual harassment.

    The false notion that Peter `has' "heroes". This may also have extended from unlawful publication(s) engineered by a disruptive militant spindly illegal trader from the year 2002. Peter admires many people, as many do. He is also a customer and supplier of services and sometimes `product', in various ways spanning his work to date in a set of industries. This is true of most engineers, artists, musicians, actors and dust men. Peter doesn't believe in heroes and actually objects to the idea of heroes being presented to children as much as Father Xmas not being marked FICTION along with the allegories of the Bible. This does not mean Peter has no moral code. It simply means he isn't a mug enough to fall for half the propaganda circulated by someone else trying to sell you something and dress it up as something `Godly' or holier than though, and `paradigm' for life. Peter knows that mostly everything presented to him is incomplete data, sometimes information, and often containing mis-information.

    The false notion that Peter is a `fan'. Peter has never been a hand-held tool for keeping people cool or fan-atical (the other meaning of the word `fan') of anyone. He has been a customer and provider of service and product himself at different times, as are most of the working population of the planet Earth. He admires many people, but wouldn't become fanatical about them enough to for example, want to lick their feet or dedicate his entire life to another person other than say, an intimate partner. That would make him a slave. Information is welcome direct to Peter however (and may lead to a reward), about anyone using Peter to publicaly advertise themselves or their business, using Peter's name, regardless of who it is. If it's not part of an agreement, monetary compensation or `equitable remuneration' can then be sought to cover the damage which such unlawful and blatant exploitation can cause. Peter wouldn't ever want someone to become fan-atical about him either, including any partner with who he might share intimate fondling or marriage or even a curry. They might otherwise forget to look where they're going and walk into a lamp-post. Love for example, is certainly not a fanatical concept. Quite the opposite if we consider the emotional chemical states and perspectives which the term is supposed to relate. Sometimes love can also involve letting some people go. Fanaticism is surely the most selfish kind of relationship between two or more persons.

    The false notion that Peter doesn't buy material items and merely needs to access it. That's not always true either and a generalisation, and it's not any business of the scabs asking Peter for this and that, anyway.

    The false notion that Peter is a Christian. Peter has no evidence any such thing even exists. It appears to be an idea defined in different ways by a range of sales people.

    The false notion that Peter is `in debt' to a camp Jewish looking man. The same guy wrote to Peter in 2002, and is understood to have claimed to operate several professional services in mostly Somerset, and Buckingshire, between touting for males in night clubs to appear in "video films" involving ghosts and use of publicaly funded premises. The mostly incoherent letter contained sections which related the belief that if you felt you were owed for something and hadn't invoiced for it or pursued it, or stated what the debt was allegedly specifically relating to, you could just infringe copyright and sell someone's work, on grounds of being on medication.

    The false notion that Peter has `put down' all television and prefers to work `on stage', was presented a few times to him, by a range of men linked to one side of drama, who explained they thought it was "naff" at the moment as well. They were all gay and single and seemed to be seeking people with their own political viewpoints and interests, name-dropping a Union a lot.

    The false notion that Peter likes reading newspapers. Peter accesses news summaries sometimes, though finds the majority of so-called `news', a mechanism for one set of persons gaining income from speculating about another set of persons. There appears to be no other reason for such publications, though Peter defends the right of others to buy speculation marked `news' as much as fiction marked `fiction'. The latter is arguably far more truthful and honest, and this is why Peter also considers presentation of the Bible as `historic fact' all round, to young boys and young girls, abusive of them. The category `Might be true' or `Might not be true' could surely be added to the Bible, even if others object to the word `fiction' being added to the back of it. A child should have the right to decide for themselves. Peter does not find the idea of a news publication immoral or offensive. He simply knows that most human beings spread mis-information most of the time, and does his best to adapt to their fear and irrationality, each time one of them tells him what he should be believing and reading.

    The false notion that Peter objects to `hard work'. Peter recognises scientifically defined `work' which can be measured, though finds the term `hard' ambiguous and often the result of conceit in the other party and their wish to impress someone else as to how important they consider their work to be in any field. The scientific measurement of the work produces a higher output figure if we consider say, the activities of a coal miner, though Peter is not a fan of coal miners either and does not consider them heroes any more than soldiers in general or anyone else. `Hard' could possibly denote someone's difficulty and lack of training and indicate perhaps, poor or defective management. There is an agreement and work. There is nothing else. If there was hard work, there would be `soft' work also. There is no such thing. It is a fantasy in the mind of someone seeking attention and worship mostly, for their title alone, or the fact that they have the money you want in exchange for the work.

    2003: The false notion that Peter sues everyone. That is impossible in the real world and just not true. It is a fantasy from the mind of mostly, fraudsters and the delusional.

    2006: The false notion that Peter targets elderly ladies who are mothers of relatives of actors. This mostly extended from a Jewish looking man who then began writing to the relatives of others, and contacted companies on behalf of at least Peter.

    2007: The false notion that Peter issues insendry device like packages to frighten old men. The allegation was shown to be scientifically impossible in the year 2006.

    2007: The false notion that Peter had confessed to being a drug user addict. A producer had spoke of this before an authority, and the police were asked to please confirm if the same man had reported it to them - which it should have been - rather than using the idea of it to disrupt another entirely separate set of proceedings. Peter has never been an illegal drug user and has never felt the need to. His life was very enjoyable until disturbed people began intruding on it.

    2010: The false notion made to police, that Peter has motive for and is stimulated by and actually does try to break into people's petroleum fuelled vehicles, on grounds that he carries a suspicious looking wallet. The police never pursued this further, thankfully.

    2010: The false notion that Peter is or was a former car thief and burglar of cars and buildings. The police did approach this year about a suspicious wallet which Peter was carrying, telling him that some petroleum fuelled vehicles had been broken into, in Weston-super-Mare. Peter replied, "And?". The officers may have been bated again.

    2011: The false notion that Peter is an organised deliberate thief of stationary equipment from the Church of the Adventists or some people who do business with them so they have somewhere to drink their lemon and orange cordials and cups of tea, and from which they can plan their eliciting of cash money for an as yet undefined ambiguous charity organisation with no authenticated registered address data.

    2012: The false notion that Peter suffers from "stinging fat" due to a crash diet and having previously been obese and huge, because of all the fat and `fast food' he allegedly ate. No explanation for this one yet. A handful of yokels spoke of it, with half knowledge again.

    2012 and into 2013: The false notion that Peter is an excessive whisky drinker. A most likely lesbian theatrical camp woman is probably the cause of this fantasy. She saw Peter re-use a small whisky bottle to contain a blue coloured cleaning agent, which was held in the side pocket of his back-pack. The lesbian became excited, and was then alleged to herself be a former alcoholic and later, cancer victim and gossip, and lonely.

    2013: The false notion that Peter is an `anti-semite'. This probably emerged from his observations `The Levitating Jew' in reply to years of periodic approaches from self-claimed Christians, Adventists and post 2000, Mormons, all of which save the Mormons, sought cash for various `charity schemes'. The registration details of the charity schemes are still awaited, though Peter has been told it's about `faith'. Peter does maintain that humans ought to have the right to decide whether, beyond critical and serious health conditions, they have their foreskins cut off or not at birth for the satisfaction of whomever it is who goes around doing it either `sucessfully' or in any damaging way.

    2013: The false notion that Peter has "given up" two of his employment areas, because according to the seemingly insular man, "It hasn't worked out."

    2013: The false notion that Peter isn't happy in life in general, and "depressed" because "things haven't worked out". A Taunton Somerset based yokel has yet to be pinpointed, before any damage can be calculated. Similar attempts have previously been made in order to keep Peter from some preferred areas of work, and to undermine his music, sound production, music and drama performance and other areas of professional work, including the pet project Apetunes, run on line, and which exploits legally, his own intellectual property including music.

    2013: The false notion that Peter only writes lyrics, not music. Peter has always written his own music through the main melody of a song at least, the melody(a sequence of notes of varying frequency and duration and sometimes varying internation / gaps of silence) `coming first', often with most of the lyrics at the same time or soon after.

    2013: The false notion that Peter lacks general confidence yet in contradiction, also can't control his temper and that he is always orally ranting. This notion was presented by incompetent local Government employees through fear of losing their jobs and source of monetary tokens. A small set of slightly envious theatrical people, may also have added to the misconception, through presumption of the accuracy or otherwise of data, and the process of gossiping, common to many people who become camp outside of accepted fictional boundaries.

    2013: The false notion that Peter is a Catholic. Circulated by some Catholics, including a woman harking on about masturbation being sinful in her view as a lonely sexless woman with no apparent life. The subject has been raised with Peter now on numerous occasions, over the years. It's reasonable to ask why. It may be that people asking, are gay, seeking fondling or want to do it themselves. Peter doesn't really know what most of them are seeking when raising the issue in unclear ways.

    2013: The false notion that Peter has a general aggression problem. Circulated by many persons of nervous disorder, responding to being bated by people attempting to sabotage Peter's life, because they are gay and haven't as with many other gay men, found themselves a partner yet for intimacy. Additional causation extends from people who use the idea of aggression when relaying Peter's objection to their illegal activity or say, their not providing what they're paid to do, in some business settings, to others. A few civil servants have also tried this, when trying to bate Peter, in the hope of avoiding reality and making their paperwork easier. The worst culprit was a Jewish looking man who was caught out for contacting companies on Peter's behalf and infringing Peter's copyright and gaining cash income from it. The only `aggression problem' Peter has experienced is assault on himself by strangers, and occasionally a need to then defend himself and his person, sometimes using a level of physical force. This has not been `aggressive' and it would serve no function to be and cloud the logic and ability to think. Destroying an irrational attacker is easier without aggression, especially if they're scum. Destroying them without any physical force at all, is surely more satisfying? Equally, several criminals have tried to damage Peter without making physical contact, and in their cowardice, tried more vile and poisonous methods of overcoming their underlying problem. Peter prefers to avoid these lower forms of life and leave them to it. They simply have no value or meaning to him and do not impress him as with the man with the inflated breast-like tissue on the rooftop in the year 2012, who was likely building himself up and making his oral threats to enter a premises, because of an underlying physical matter from earlier years. He should not have been there, yet played the part of a `Mr.Big', whilst on a roof, carrying a mobile telephone device. Peter didn't have the time or inclination to be watching the lump of meat strutting about, which was costly for him. Peter favours electric shock weapons in these situations, though there are many opponents to the use of them.

    2014: The false notion that Peter is in a band with and "shagging" (quote) a small set of orally squealing (excitement) gay `Poles'. Peter has never had sexual relations with Poles or males to date and has no prejudices towards the persons of the `Polish' land mass either. If he ever develops such a desire for sexual relations, it may be posted on the web site for whomever it is who goes around becoming stimulated by the idea of it, using on-line activation perhaps, so he can perhaps with associates, recoup some of the financial loss extending from the ranting degenerate mouthy riff raff who go around spreading the misinformation, because they have a chronic and excessive manipulation problem.

    Design Related Links

    Contractual agreements mean that not all design related projects can be included in the examples of this page or any application on-line. It depends on the agreement in each case, regardless of what any academic employee or `graphic design services' shopkeeper may or may not tell anyone working in the field, when sometimes, one of them says, `Send them over your digital portfolio.' The links and samples below may be added to over time, including older and future records.

    2000 Multi-media design including logos. See www.apetunes.co.uk
    1990 -LOGO EXAMPLE

    The following design projects are now included in chronological order within the `Life Event Logs and Records'(censored) app(lication):-

  • 1989: Designs of artificially `intelligent' shoes (sample of);
  • 1988-1996: Mobile Robot(Mobot) Metal(mine) Detector;
  • 1988/89 Hygiene Campaign Poster;
  • 1988: Life Drawing studies of various kinds including human beings;
  • H.I.V. Contraception Awareness Slogan (College years);
  • 1988-2014: Product graphic design and logos;
  • 1987 Confectionary design;
  • 1982 Lavatory designs;
  • 1979 New Method of Launching a Space-craft;


    1987 -LOGO EXAMPLE

    Confectionary Design(s)

    About confectionary designs created by Trapani.

    Peter began designing confectionary wrapping and content(ingredient) as `product' in 1986. His first design was obtained through photocopying in 1987, by an education worker who had believed Peter was lying. Peter had been asked by the education system, to draw an existing product. On the weekend, a shop supplier of such a bar was closed, so he designed his own. By 2005, Peter's copy of the design had been held in a loft... It later ended up on the shelves. Some Irish-Americans began to do well out of Peter, after some camp people had put it about that he was a Socialist. On 29th October 2003, Peter tested with one `free design', the pattern of `passing off' and lifting of his creative works over several years, by including the name and design of a new bar, and a description, within a role play reply (textual) to a nudist publicist. The nudist publicist had approached Peter and claimed in 2001, to be setting up a magazine with his friend in Bath (previously taken mistakenly to be `in the bath' and later on closer look found to be the place Bath). Information about the lifters is welcome on-going, and the sellers of the one of the shelf may or may not name the people they claim provided them the `design'. With the information flows between all processes, it will then be possible to trace back, if the information is available accurately, the flows of deception which lead to the original miscreant. This may never happen, and reality is often distorted for the convenience of others.

    Confectionary design(s) were stolen from Exploding Gnomes' in at least 2005. Peter concluded it was likely part of a wider on-going attempt to `pass off' a range of intellectual properties across the years. Some people, including some in religious organisation, also confused `copyright works'(including designs) with `ideas'. They are not the same thing. The design which had been left as copy, in a specific loft, was kept in a green plastic folder or large A1 sleeve. The A1 sleeve had been retained since far back as school days. By 2007, Peter discovered that several `cartoon strip roughs' including submissions to a firm based near to London, which had been part of commercial agreements which did not come to fruition, had also been physically taken. At least one representative of a religious business group later spoke of the inside of Peter's home, and seemed to know the layout, after another male in the year 2004 had appeared to have been bated into asking Peter about it, including the upstairs of the premises in which he resided.

    Detailed summary and known facts only, pending, based on all records held and discussion with two solicitors. Factual information welcome. Please request confidentiality if in fear of reprisals.

    Attention may have been drawn to intellectual property created by Peter as a source of possible income for criminals, by a television company, if allegations relating to a circulated forgery derived from some of the content of the document of 29th October 2003, turn out to be true. The forgery was also allegedly aimed at creating false impression that Peter was complaining about the price of living, so it may be a faction of self-claimed Socialists claiming to be thinking of "the poor" again. Several of these have approached Peter to date. The original `roughs' for the cartoon strips (original preliminary layout sketches of a reasonably high quality) had been a response to an agent's approach of year 1987 and 1989. These may have been taken at the same time as the copy of the design held in the green A1 sleeve. Although copies of the `roughs' for the strip cartoon job were retained, the `roughs' may have been confused by criminals with a form of unlawful exploitation of others, because the lifters didn't really know what they were doing, were misinformed, didn't have all the information relating to the recipient publisher, and were incompetent, presumptuous and convinced they were experts, where actually common thieving intruders acting on a false premise again. If both sets of items did turn out to have been lifted at the same time, then a loft was the most likely place of the intrusion and criminality.


    Peter began designing toilets of a different kind for fun, and later, by 1987, for a commercial project further to interest, began putting them into a book after discussions with a marketing representative for a manufacturer of lavatory paper. These designs for `Toilet Humour' are periodically added to his life records. See `The Digital Tree Monkey'.


    Peter's journals and diaries, which are periodically updated, are added to his `Life Records'.


    End of document.