Professionals Sought for Hire

Professional - adj. skilled, experienced, proficient, learned, able, adept, trained...

Trained - adj. competent, skillful, prepared, adjusted, adapted, fit...

The following jobs are required outsourced. Business registration and person credentials and work references (for any previous work assignment) are required. Applicants must be prepared and willing to undergo CRB checks. Application is by email initially. No audio and video pirates please. The hetero-equality policy welcomes men who prefer women and as with everything on this page, you don't have to be sexually orientated towards your own sex in order to apply. People who are that way inclined, are equally welcome if they can do the job, without extending any special treatment to persons of their own sexual orientation or alleged so-called `community'. The only relevant community is `the law', which extends rights to people, regardless of sexual orientation. Your skin tone, number of limbs, height and what costume you wear (no nude approaches again please) is wholly irrelevant if you can `do the job'.

In all the situations below, references would be required from the work place. If they're a few years old, don't let that put you off. It can happen, if someone colludes or lies about you or because of circumstances sometimes outside of the control of others. If legal and capable, it'll be added to the intray. Please do NOT send voice demo tapes or voice demo CDs by post or attachment, unless requested. The registered trade will not and cannot take liability for unsought private property. Sometimes it may be many months until someone shown interest in, is even used, sometimes not. This page was put together because it can take time for `needs' to be made known and circulate. If you're looking for quick money or certainty of income and employment, please go elsewhere. This is a legal but small registered trade.

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Function: 1 x `transcriber of music' and 1 x `verifier of notation'
Two individual appointments which could be months into the future. The right people are being sought now. Individual musically trained professionals are required to transcribe a set of music recordings (acoustic and voice mixes as excerpts - voice and chorus) to musical staves (treble and bass clefs, including the predominant vocal melodies from an archive), `as and when' required. A second individual to verify the transcription `as and when' required. This may suit and is extended to self-employed applicant(s) gaining income from another job. Six pieces of music require transcription at present, from an archive of recorded realised scores. Quotations welcome...

Function: Theatrical performance in audio drama recording
Applications welcome with direction to demonstration audio, for two persons. One female, one male. Characters include one man lured into investigating a sinister aspect of a future state, and the dominant female who sort of leads him on! There is no `closing date' at present for agents who may wish to make contact in private, about potential cast additions, with direction to say, voice examples / previous work. The recording may not proceed until 2016 and relates to parts 7 to 13 of a mostly pre-recorded sci-fi audio drama project. The suitable hired party would be provided a script, an audio release agreement (sample available beforehand), and recorded at an agreed premises and location. The project may even now be outsourced to a 2nd company. Contact now or later is welcome, if an agent wishes to forward direction to a voice session. A CRB check may need to be funded. A 2nd female character may require a 2nd lady actor.

Function: Reliable Debt Collector who doesn't beat up people
Direction to a reliable non-camp debt collector is welcome, especially a self employed debt collector and-or debt collection team with any level of necessary accreditation, is also welcome on-going. The one in 2004 turned out to become confused easily by two records made in error by an authority, so a level of intelligence is needed, not someone who merely stands six foot tall and who may have bolts through their neck. No prejudice is shown to any applicant who may be six foot tall and may wear bolts through their neck on their day off.

Please note: Collection of debts may not be required until 2014. A CRB check may have to be funded, so no whopper tellers please or people who are genuinely aware that they have a criminal record involving anything beyond a parking ticket. If there's a criminal record situation you wish to discuss, you're free in this country to do so openly, in writing on approach. There are some situations where records are made in circumstances where someone is for example, preventing themselves from being attacked a 2nd time, and instinctively defend themselves, only to find that technically, an offence is recorded, because it's outside the experience of some. All such approaches will be kept confidential. If wishing to raise that kind of matter by email, please ask first, so a more secure means of discussing the situation may be considered and arranged, `off line'. Please keep in mind that there are several people to consider, together with the use to which their work is put, and the way its utilised and associated with others, if at all.

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