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13/10/2014#2 - Due to impact of some delays and other commitments, the following button mechanism is awaiting installation to permit `purchase' of licensed genuine copies of commercial programs offered through this site:

- the button to download the commercial program e.g. as used with the `Apeview' free program version.

- the button to purchase using credit cards and digital bank transfer method, a license `key' which is then entered into the program's form when the user runs the downloaded program and is prompted to do so.

13/10/2014 Early hours ranting ceased, and the temporary webmaster caught up with some sleep before becoming engaged in contract negotiation and pursuit of some businesses with trading names, which a civil servant stuck in front of him. He is now pursuing his other sources of income until 18th October.

11/10/2014. A psychologically disturbed alcoholic has delayed some projects relating to this site a few days, resulting from some middle of the night ranting. Some Americans have been asked to remove some infringements of copyright from a video film web site, and a financial company has been asked to settle for infringements far back as 1988. In progress...


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