Content Awareness (CA)

This section is about the content of the programs and standalone records and files accessible via this web site, so you can decide if you want yourself or the person(s) whom you are representing or legally responsible for, to access and-or view any of it.

From the publisher's perspective, no child should be accessing this site anyway, without parental supervision.

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Re: Censored Records, Human Rights, the Data Protection Act

This database of files contains records and programs containing records. Some of those records are partly and sometimes wholly censored using methods of `access control' and sometimes, a process of registration using a provided pass-code unique to the purchaser of access to a program or file copy. Censoring aims to avoid blatant unlawful exploitation of some individuals, some persons having agreed some forms of exploitation through contract / agreement.

The `viewpoints' of journal and event logs within some programs, are those of the owner / creator the journal / event log entries. Some event logs do contain language which some may find offensive, e.g. quotations of an individual in real life. There is no intention to `white wash’ this or make it more `politically correct’. If you feel the material unsuitable for you or the person(s) you are representing as `guardian’, do not permit those you represent, access to it. Some subject matter does include violence, sex and other real life activities, including some references to corpses, real life criminal activity spanning several industries and sometimes authority. The event log entries are factual in so far that they occurred and are not works of fiction, however unusual and-or bizarre some of those descriptions may appear to some.

Some copyright video film sequences, photographs and documentation accessible through the programs, may be partly `blocked' or censored, to protect the human rights of some individuals, and in some cases, to avoid risking compromising activity of any recognised British authority at least.

Re: Promotional References in Programs and the Rights of Third Party Artists

The programs accessible through the site, may contain promotional information relating other products and services from the same `range', respect of agreements in place with persons involved in any recording reproduced through the software.

Re: Citing from or Inclusion of Abusive or Adult Language

Unless stated to be intended for child readership, programs and records listed below may contain occasional adult language and-or some adult content without any pornography, e.g. references to sexual subject matter and sexual acts, as with millions of other records across the planet.

No child should be using this database of records anyway, without parental guidance and the parent being aware what is being viewed. There is no obligation on the part of the publisher to take the role of parent for someone who doesn't know how to manage their own children.

Information about third part overeas self-claimed independent commercial psychologists using this site to draw attention to their businesses and claimed `expertise', is also welcome on-going, to avoid any more `camp elements' (those using artifice and exaggeration), making a `big fuss about nothing' in the hope of undermining without justification, the projects relating to this site, on behalf of say, someone with a motive for seeing it removed e.g. someone with a grudge who may have for hypothetical example, already have `passed off' the copyright works relating to this site, anywhere in the world. If wishing to report any such exploitation of this registered trade or anyone with a loud mouth and causing such an unnecessary fuss for their own commercial benefit entirely, please also use the current contact point specified on the [ Contact page ], without emailing the names of those individuals.


The publisher reserves the right to offer periodic freebies to licensed users of any programs offered herein, through offered updated versions of those same programs, and to add an activation for a licensed user, if the publisher so chooses.

Mutilation, Piracy and Applying for Rewards:

Additional leads about the illegal mutilated versions (no such format being authorised) is welcome on-going. Every penny lost is a penny which can't be re-invested in projects this end or apportioned to stakeholders of the projects, respect of agreements in place. And yes, we like the coppers too! [ More... ]

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