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The `User' is defined as the registered trade behind the upkeeping of this web site.

20th Oct 2014. The User attempted a `top up' and -on direction from screen- was informed that there was something problematic preventing payment using a `user code' unique to the User's purchase of right to service for a period. Regretably, on dialling a telephone number to which the User was then directed, again on screen, a camp sounding female explained in a jolly way, that there were several options for the User and that the calling User would need to first find a code number on a monthly bill. The user hadn't been using the `service' for a month yet. Damages of lost time were noted. Connection was checked this time using `two mainstream international market' software browsers. The same direction was provided each time. The User made a decision to try a visit through walking, to another shop premises, hopefully this time avoiding any potential allegations of `abuse' by camp mindsets of the kind employed and paid by the previous service provider for the same facilities. The causation of the problem was not assumed any more than usual. In-formation was required (accurate data).

19th Oct 2014. The User made one-to-one contact with the service provider for Internet accessing facilities. The User attempted a `top up' and -on direction from screen- was informed that there was something problematic preventing payment using a `user code' unique to the User's purchase of right to service for a period.

4th-5th Oct 2014. A software installation disc sold to Exploding Gnomes' in 2005, which was partly damaged, became more un-usable to the point of not functioning. (The software was explained by a salesman in 2005 -after sale- to have been sold `technically not legally', though the operating system license had been included and was genuine. This had been checked with the service provider and manufacturer and copyright owners, in the States.) The entire operating system was re-installed and various security patches and other software updates made.

29th Sept 2014. FTP testing utilising the new service provider. A service provider was asked to facilitate use of some existing FTP software used under license.

28th Sept 2014. `Outing' of anti-social elements, drawing them into one place, was reviewed. The `persuasion of mindset' was scheduled for closer analysis October 16th 2014. Several American based fraudsters were also located. In all cases, an underlying habitual tendency appeared to be present, coupled with a need for discipline.

27th Sept 2014. The service provider was changed to overcome failure of the last one. Replacement hardware had already been sought from the previous service provider, to cover the damages extending from at least, failures in the oral direction of a mostly useless polite female telephone operator, who had most likely not been provided clear procedure from her managing director. The new hardware worked first time.

31st July 2014. Later in the day, the service provider for Internet access permitted the User use of his own money, which the service provider had already taken from the User through over-the-counter payment via a petrol-based-`card'. This allowed normal Internet access. Impact was a delay of seven days in completion of some planned use of the system and site. The system appeared to have returned to the state it had been in previously, prior to 27th July 2014.

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4th Oct 2014. The first programs to be tested for on-line commercial activation, worked. The previously stalled projects were decided to now be uploaded in the same way, using a partly-replaced set of service providers. A previously damaging provider of telecommunications services had already been invoiced to cover damages. Clarification of a received warning of an ambiguous mention of `abuse' was still awaited clarified, with additional explanation as to why an employee of one telecommunications services firm -a service provider- had orally directed physical opening of a piece of supporting hardware. The female had appeared to extend beyond her remit, through use of the opening at the front, either due to a failure to follow the procedure she was paid to follow, else because she knew it all, in her mind and belief system, whatever religious or cultural origin that might have had.

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